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About Lofoio

Makerspace in Florence

Lofoio, in northern Tuscany, means “I do it myself” (in Italian Standard: “lo faccio io”).

Lofoio is a Social Promoion Association managing a Makerspace in Florence in the heart of the Oltrarno district since 2014.

We are an independent association, unaffiliated, bottom-up funded. We share Lofoio’s spaces and tools for every possible artisanal project 2.0*.
*Artisanal 2.0 because we deeply believe in joining old school handcrafting and new generation technologies, from the lathe to the 3D printer, from the miter saw to the lasercut machine.

We also benefit from a considerable network of contacts of tutors and qualified teachers who collaborate with us, making their skills available in courses and workshops for every activity.
We have an average of 250 active members a year, between makers, instructors and apprentices

Workstations are available and adaptable for most of the maker’s needs, thanks to movable tables in Lofoio1 and the peninsula emplacement in Lofoio2.

Lofoio might help you for…

…carrying out a project, respecting a deadline, your brand, making nice gifts, even decorating your homemade cakes. Lofoio is packed with tools that you can find useful. Lofoio is the tool.

When you become a Lofoio member, our instruments become yours as well. We will teach you how to use them to realize your projects and we will guide you to make best use of the shared workshop.
We host courses, workshops and seminars, with the intent of teaching manual or digital techniques useful for everyone, not only for professionals and insiders.
We are available for creatives, designers and handcrafters who are searching for a place where they can create their prototypes, learn new techniques or share their own.

You’re one of us

Everyone who joins Lofoio is craving to experiment and work hard to create something that goes beyond matter.
It represents dedication, care, perseverance, attention and intimate, deep, personal meaning that only ourselves can give it.

Presenting Lofoio.