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If you feel creative and crave for some DIY, lofoio is the place to go. Artisans, experts, geeks are ready to teach and help you in our mind-refreshing courses. So come and put your hands at work.

  • oltrarnia – making and beekeeping
    Making and beekeeping: at work! DIY applied to beekeeping. Work placement educational path for high schools.
  • custom camper van
    How to transform a van into a camper, and have fun doing it!
  • metal working initiation
    Metal working is a vast subject. To get into it, in our workshop we have everything you need to cut, grind and electrode weld.
  • wood lathe initiation
    With the initiation to of our wood lathe you will learn what you need to work on your ideas independently.
  • wood joinery
    This ancient art of joinery is a set of techniques and knowledge that date back to when self-tapping screws were a rarity…
  • old furniture restoration
    Recover, repair and give new life to all that abandoned furniture full of stories and meanings that can still be saved.
  • Visible mending
    An afternoon dedicated to VISIBLE MENDING, with Beatrice aka Managa. Beautiful mending, why hide it?
  • the little electrician
    Become a little electrician: gain autonomy, one cable at a time! Learn to adapt and fix your home’s electrical system yourself.
  • mending and refashion with Managa
    Maybe a dress has been in your closet, unused, for a long time. It should be rethought for your new tastes, adapted to needs you didn’t have before…
  • initiation to lasercutting
    If you need precise cuts and rapid execution, you can take the first steps in lasercutting with the help of our makers.
  • initiation to 3d printing
    Our 3D printing initiation features a training session with an expert, an introduction to free and opensource slicing software and you first 3d prints made from a plastic filament!
  • woodworking initiation
    Learning the first steps in wooworking and joinery. Guidelines on how to set up the workspace, safety, disposing scrap and materials supply.
  • model making: initiation to laser cutting
    A 3-hour workshop to introduce you to laser cutting, if necessary to vector design, focusing on how to create three-dimensional objects from flat and relatively thin materials!